Happy (belated) Birthday, Tea! — [Cover] Jenga (ジェンガ)

Reblogging for my own record. ❤

I'm really out of it and don't know how to express my thanks properly, but…uh, this was one more beautiful gift and it sounds great! 😀

as luck would have it...

I remember a day when you and me were at Dance Club, all those months ago — it’s been what, two years now? I don’t think anyone was dancing; I just remember you, me, and Lei singing songs, and just enjoying ourselves after school. (Maybe it was our “rehearsal” for that Senior Solo performance?) And I remember seeing you looking at your phone, listening to JoyDreamer’s English version of this song: Jenga. And that’s why I decided to sing this one for you. (Plus I’ve sung this song before, so that helped a little. ^^;;)

LINK: https://app.box.com/s/97kzxgcm5g2qxmystcc7p22lrsd66tsb

LYRICS & TRANSLATION: http://www.animelyrics.com/doujin/40mP/jenga.htm

Time will just unfairly go on repeating over and over again
Before our wonderful memories fade away,
Let’s gather our pieces once again…

I do question, though: why do such happy-sounding songs end up being so heart-wrenching-ly sad? Japanese Vocaloid songs are infamous for that…

To be honest, though, I usually don’t like using other people’s lyrics when it…

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