There is an army….

…of adorable high school seniors snuggled up in sleeping bags on the floor of the lounge in my dorm.

Since our room is super-tiny, my roommate and I were only supposed to get one visitor, but there weren’t enough hosts…so we got three. Another host realized she couldn’t take care of her two prefrosh, so she left them with us. And the friend who we hung out with today brought along four of them. My room is built to accomodate two people, with one thin person-sized gap in between the beds. So we set up a prefrosh sleepover in the lounge, and I don’t even know how to explain the cuteness.

Okay, so one of them is a bit obnoxious and keeps trying to make my friends and I feel bad for being at this school (I’m not sure why she’s visiting, actually).

So they all got into a humblebragging war over dinner, which irritated me because after a few weeks in college no one cares what other schools you got accepted to…

So they have totally unrealistic ideas of what being a CS major entails. That’s fine, I was even more clueless. All of them have programmed before.

But it’s weird to think that any or all of these cute and overconfident-acting humans could come to my school next year! And I probably won’t ever see them around, but wow. Seeing people from the outside world is…wow.

Two of them even spent part of the evening arguing over The Great Gatsby. It’s been a while since I heard a serious discussion about a book.


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